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Jul 12 - Jul 12, 2022

2022 Annual Webinar Series | July Session:


2022 Annual Webinar Series | July Session:

Difficult conversations aren’t just something to overcome; they’re also important tools for your professional tool belt. The “Big Questions” one encounters along their career — topics like promotions, disagreements, and issues around workplace culture — offer opportunities to expand your milieu and connect more deeply with your team. We’ll sit down with three people professionals in the MR field who eat difficult conversations for breakfast and tune in as they share their experiences, outcomes, and lessons learned along the way. Come prepared with your own “Big Questions” and our esteemed panel will help you find the way through.

This year's Annual Webinar Series is generously sponsored by FUEL + The Focus Room — thank you for making this FREE resource available to the WIRe and broader Market Research communities.