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Jun 15 - Jun 15, 2022

Wisdom Wednesday Webinars


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Insights Development , Social Media , Audience Measurement
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Wisdom Wednesday Webinars

Cultivating an insights habitat: How McDonald’s keeps its focus on foresight

For an organization to realize the full potential of their insights, those insights need an environment in which to live. And not just to survive and coexist, but to grow, interact, work and even evolve. Ultimately, to thrive. 

In short, insights require an ideal habitat. 

Grabbing and keeping the attention of Gen Z  

Generation Z has made its way into the marketplace and workplace, challenging norms and shaping a new normal. With their unique introduction to adulthood and the paradoxes they present as consumers and co-workers, they bring pronounced perspectives and insights.  

The key to ad success on social media

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or YouTube are the advertising environment of the present. While it feels like the success of ads on these platforms may be based on the roll of a dice, the reality is successful advertisements are the results of a good creation.