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Oct 16 - Oct 19, 2022

TV + Video Insider Summit


Montauk, NY
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TV / Streaming
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TV + Video Insider Summit

2022’s Expanding Media Portfolios: A 360-degree Approach

It’s the wild, wild west for media buyers. With the ever-expanding streaming wars, addressable TV’s advances, the growing capabilities of programmatic video, and a flurry of new social media options, the TV and video landscape is more exciting…and complex…than ever.

At the TV & Video Insider Summit, video buyers and planners help us sort through the complexities. How are they building out and adapting their media strategies to fit this multiscreen landscape? How are they mapping consumer touchpoints? Which video formats are driving the best ROI and, given data restrictions, what are they doing from an audience targeting perspective? 

We will explore:
- Building out a diverse media portfolio
- Aligning measurement strategies around cross channel behaviors
- Determining which channels perform best for specific KPI’s
- Measuring performance beyond reach and frequency
- Targeting audiences around increased data restrictions
- What video content drives performance? Drives brand?
- TikTok, Instagram Reels & YouTube Shorts: Why short-form videos are worth investing in?
- Brand partnerships: celebrities & influencers
- Preparing for the Olympics and midterm elections