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Jun 23 - Jun 23, 2022

Essential Strategies & Tips for Working with


Essential Strategies & Tips for Working with

Working with can be challenging to navigate, but the benefits to your business are enormous. Learning how to be the kind of supplier they want to work with is your key to success. One of the biggest criteria is content, but not just any kind – top-quality content that attracts, convinces and converts.

In our upcoming webinar, industry experts with hands-on experience will share important strategies to ensure a successful relationship with Topics include creating the kind of content the online giant wants to feature, how to look at what they’re doing and take actions that make you an attractive partner, and where their platform is headed.

Learn the best practices for working with including more on these top tips:

  • Start with the basics and content.
  • Ensure supply chain efficiency.
  • Invest in marketing and paid search.
  • Use off-site traffic opportunities.
  • Create merchant-led activities.
  • Optimize online. 
  • Work with a Walmart partner.