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Nov 28 - Nov 29, 2022

Fortune Impact Initiative


Atlanta, GA
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Fortune Impact Initiative

In the last few years, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns have risen in importance to companies and communities, and, as a result, business leaders are no longer measured just on financial performance. As societal issues and consumer demands push ESG initiatives to the forefront, companies are faced with increasing pressure from shareholders and stakeholders to deliver tangible and measurable results.

To support and connect the senior executives responsible for ESG issues, Fortune has created the Impact Initiative. This forum will help these leaders build expertise and a holistic understanding of the implementation and measurement of ESG practices across all areas of their business.  This forum will significantly help executives manage the associated risks and the growth opportunities as they address these issues, and will convene senior leaders for small virtual conversations in July and September, culminating in a live meeting in Atlanta, GA, on November 28–29, 2022. We encourage members to participate in as many of these ongoing conversations as possible.