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Nov 02 - Nov 03, 2022

The FORTUNE CEO Initiative


Palm Beach, FL
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The FORTUNE CEO Initiative

The Role of Business in A Disrupted World

The Fortune CEO Initiative is a membership organization bringing together CEOs of companies that are committed to addressing business excellence, diversity, and major societal issues as a core part of their business strategies. Our annual meeting brings together members for collaborative discussions focused on the Initiative’s core themes and the shared belief that infusing broader purpose into corporate strategies is increasingly important in attracting and motivating talent, deepening bonds with consumers, and steadying corporate reputation.  

Participation is by invitation only. For more information on joining, email

2022 Annual Meeting
The world has undoubtedly entered a new age and is experiencing a tangled web of existential crises unlike any we’ve seen in decades. Russia’s brazen invasion of Ukraine. Rising authoritarian tides. Political polarization. Diminished democratic institutions. Unbroken dependency on fossil fuels. Cataclysmic climate change projections. Deep distrust in capitalism. Raging culture wars. The lingering battle with COVID-19 and fear of the next pandemic. These issues are exposing the many challenges of our interconnected world in vivid technicolor.

Global business leaders are acutely feeling the pressure and profound uncertainty generated by these crises. And more is being demanded of those leaders than ever before, as an ever-expanding set of stakeholders urges them to take a stand on issue after issue. How are leaders expected to navigate these troubled waters? How does industry not only make profits but also a positive impact in an exceptionally difficult new global context? There are no easy answers, but Fortune’s CEO Initiative promises to confront these challenges head-on as we examine the role of business and leadership in a disrupted world.

We will take a deep dive into these topics at our 2022 Annual Meeting:

  • Leadership perspectives from Global CEOs driving innovation and transformation
  • Views from government officials and policymakers working across the aisle to drive economic prosperity
  • Insights from subject matter experts on the key geopolitical and business trends
  • Observations from thought leaders and academics studying shifts in workplace culture
  • Stories from entrepreneurs and changemakers working at grassroots levels