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Dec 08 - Dec 08, 2022

2022 Forbes Healthcare Virtual Summit


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2022 Forbes Healthcare Virtual Summit

Mind-Body Resilience: Powering HealthTech Innovation


A healthy body starts with a healthy mind.


Mental and physical health are connected. Yet today’s healthcare models aren’t addressing both in a coordinated way to improve outcomes.


At this year’s Summit, the world’s most influential leaders from inside and outside the traditional healthcare sector will meet and discuss how to treat the whole person, improve access, integrate the latest tech tools and reduce costs.


The $4 trillion healthcare industry has seen a massive wave of investment, innovation and new entrants from technology, big-data and consumer industries. Rapid growth of A.I. and virtual-care platforms are now delivering real-time data to clinicians and patients alike, putting the patient at the center of care.


How can we leverage healthtech innovation to enhance the mind-body connection, reduce our chronic disease burden, and strengthen resilience? With more than 80 percent of health outcomes resulting from behavioral, socioeconomic, and environmental factors, this has never been more important.


For the first time, the 11th annual Forbes Healthcare Summit will be held in the vibrant healthtech innovation hub of Miami. Join the world’s most influential leaders in healthcare, medicine, science, technology and business to discuss breakthroughs and new patient-centered models. And, through our signature Power Pairings, get an unrivaled view of the unusual partnerships driving the innovation in mind-body healthcare delivery.


The opportunity to optimize how we diagnose and treat mind-body health is right here, right now.