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Nov 15 - Nov 15, 2022

2022 Forbes Talent Leadership Summit


New York, NY
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2022 Forbes Talent Leadership Summit

What do we mean when we talk about the future of work? Yes, it’s the debate about how we manage the return to office and hybrid work after the pandemic-fueled disruptions of the past few years. But it’s also a conversation about the technologies and employment models that are reshaping work. It’s the discussion surrounding the shifting role of the four-year degree, the expanding labor movement and the efforts to find new ways to bring underrepresented workers into better jobs. And it’s the loud and very personal chatter about the role of work in people’s lives, and how it’s impacting employees’ stress, mental health and burnout.

Now, more than ever, leaders are grappling with all of these issues and more as they struggle with talent shortages, high rates of turnover, disengaged workers, a wobbly economy and the escalating pace of change. Talent issues have never been more of a priority across the C-suite, from the CEO on down. Chief human resources officers have become one of the most important roles in any organization—key business partners who must manage multiple crises at once. The Forbes Future Of Work Summit will take a holistic view of the talent agenda and the new world of work, bringing together the C-Suite leaders and innovators who are creating the strategies, technologies and models that can help lead to a more sustainable and inclusive way of working.


The in-person portion of this Summit is invitation only. All applications/registrations are subject to review by Forbes.