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Sep 28 - Sep 28, 2022

Bloomberg Technology Summit


London, England
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Technology , CX - Customer Experience , AI/ML
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Bloomberg Technology Summit

The British economy is being redesigned in the wake of the pandemic and global supply chain disruption. Businesses now face rising energy bills, high inflation and a shortage of workers, and no leader believes there's a foolproof plan. But most agree adopting new technologies will be fundamental. The question is which ones, and how? At the Bloomberg Technology Summit in London, we’ll convene business leaders and policy makers, entrepreneurs and innovators, founders and investors, to explain the ways traditional and emerging businesses are answering those questions and collaborating to adapt in this new environment They'll discuss their paths to a net zero future; Britain’s relationship with its neighbors in a post-Brexit world; lessons from the work-from-home revolution; and plans for utilizing investment that's poured into the tech sector over the last two years and made Britain one of the most exciting countries for startups in Europe. Join us. At the Bloomberg Technology Summit in London.