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Jun 19 - Jun 19, 2022

Bloomberg Crypto Summit


New York, NY
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Financial Services
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Bloomberg Crypto Summit

2021 was a historic year for the global cryptocurrency industry, and 2022 is promising to be even more groundbreaking. Having firmly established itself in the global consciousness, the crypto conversation has been characterized as no less than a complete revolution of internet commerce and social media. On the other hand, critics say it has little to show for all the action except a handful of new money kings and a long list of economic casualties– especially in the month of May. The truth, however, is more complicated. For every meme coin rug pull, there is a legitimate project backed by serious people and discerning between the two often is not easy. At the 2022 Bloomberg Crypto Summit, we’ll bring together top names from the worlds of coins, blockchain, Web 3.0, DAOs, NFTs, decentralized finance, economics, investing, venture capital, and more to talk about what’s real and what’s speculation, and what smart money should know about the next phases of growth in this ascendant industry.