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Jun 14 - Jun 14, 2022

Intelligent Automation: Creating the Workforce of The Future


Intelligent Automation: Creating the Workforce of The Future

The Bloomberg Intelligent Automation Roadshow takes a deep dive into creating the workforce of the future. From mass relocations to mass resignations to massive changes in work processes, the future of work continues to change rapidly. To meet the demands of these changes — from both employees and clients — businesses are turning to technology solutions, and in particular to automation bolstered by AI. Digital solutions have always allowed workers to accomplish more with less, but while the digital transformations of the past few years were focused on mitigating shortages in labor and skills, the future is about using automation intelligently to actively close those gaps.

The pervasiveness of the labor shortage has increased the already rapid pace of digital transformation. Every aspect of business – customer service, manufacturing, operations, and research – has looked to automation to make up for the losses and the skill gaps in the workforce. Businesses are applying the latest innovations in intelligent automation to drive efficiency throughout the enterprise.

This enterprise-wide approach to optimizing operational efficiency allows businesses to dismantle data silos and connect systems so that information flows seamlessly, enabling timely responses to changes in demand and other events impacting the business.

Greater Chicago is known as a hub for advanced companies doing cutting-edge work in Transportation/Logistics, Finance, and Life Sciences/Healthcare. These industries and others are integrating intelligent automation into the workflow to help with planning, predict customer needs, and alert workers to potential performance issues, for just a few examples.

The business and IT executives gathered for this virtual briefing will share how their businesses have been impacted by the ongoing labor shortage, and how they have managed to overcome these challenges while maintaining, and in some cases even increasing, workplace efficiency and customer satisfaction.