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Dec 06 - Dec 08, 2022

NexTech 2022


NexTech 2022

Tackling What's Next in Tech

As the year draws to a close, against a backdrop of busy retail days and marketers trying to spend those budgets, join Adweek to discuss the latest media and marketing tech trends shaping the months ahead. What alternative identifiers yield the most reliable results? What commerce tech drives sales? Should you even be investing in the metaverse?

Learn where smart marketers and savvy publishers are placing their bets to maintain growth, even as the economic forecasts look unsettling.

What's Next In Identity

The digital advertising ecosystem is going through a reckoning. The pendulum has swung from mass surveillance and user tracking to more privacy-centric practices. How ad serving, audience targeting, alternative identifiers and campaign measurement will ultimately shake out is still up for grabs.

Join Adweek as we discuss these trends in depth. Walk away with intel on the strategies from leading marketers and publishers on maintaining targeting while striving for privacy, the partners to work with and the technologies to invest in.

What's Next In Retail Media

Retail media is surging, thanks to the treasure trove of valuable data retailers hold, plus the pandemic-induced booms in online shopping. U.S. ecommerce channel ad spending is forecasted to reach $41.3 billion by 2024, nearly 15% of all digital ad spend, according to eMarketer. Platforms, brands, agencies and publishers are all poised to take a slice of the spend. 

Smart companies are figuring out new partnerships, organizational structures, strategies and ways of figuring out measurement. Keep up with the changing landscape and join Adweek as we hear from the experts on how they’re navigating the new era of retail.