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Oct 11 - Oct 12, 2022



Chicago, IL
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Three years on from the Business Roundtable’s revised statement of the purpose of a corporation there is increasing skepticism about whether companies have backed up their noble words with genuine actions.


The statement by 200 of the world’s largest corporations promised to elevate customers, employees, suppliers, communities and the environment onto an equal footing with shareholders in terms of business priorities.


But shareholders still seem top of the agenda for most enterprises, as President Biden pointed out in a speech this March attacking businesses for investing their corporate tax savings and profits into share buybacks instead of investing in their communities, employees, innovation and U.S. jobs.


So how genuine is the drive toward truly purposeful business and what is causing such a gap in perception between the stated aims of U.S. and global business and their public reputation? How should communicators construct authentic narratives for their brands and corporations and convince skeptical stakeholders that good business can also be profitable business?


PRWeek reconvenes PRDecoded in-person in Chicago with experts from in-house teams and their agency partners to highlight best practice and help delegates construct a playbook that is still being written — Purpose Evolved. And the third iteration of the Purpose Awards will celebrate the case studies, teams and individuals the PR industry can aspire to emulate.


Which companies are moving the needle on inclusion, equity, sustainability, employee engagement, navigating a divided country and geopolitical challenges? How can purposeful leaders address legacy systems and legacy behaviors to fundamentally change corporate culture?


How do effective corporations bring their mission statements to life and make them meaningful and consistent with their values, especially among employees, without crossing the line into “purpose-washing”?


Consumers and employees have experienced a traumatic two years in which they feel they have lost control over their lives.

As institutions including government and media experience an increasing trust deficit, business has an opportunity to step into the vacuum and demonstrate authentic and transparent leadership.


PRWeek’s must-attend PRDecoded: Purpose Evolved conference will provide communicators with the tools and inspiration they need to help their brands step up to the plate and deliver truly purposeful and profitable outcomes.