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Jun 22 - Jun 22, 2022

WIE Summit


Los Angelos, CA
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Women in Marketing
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WIE Summit

The sixth annual Women in Entertainment Summit will take place June 22, 2022 at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles, CA. The full-day event will feature a series of keynotes, panels and fireside chats with some of the industry’s most successful and progressive minds. 

Staying Original in a World of Recreations

Why do some reboots fail and some become as beloved as the original?  Should it be a shot-for-shot remake or a reimagining? Aside from reboots, how are creatives staying true to the goal of making a great story relevant to a new audience.

Negotiating Skills: IP and the Future of Talent Rights

 On this panel, we will explore what you need to know as you begin to negotiate deals for both yourself and your projects.

Pathways for Producers

The production process is much more than finance and at times the responsibilities may seem endless, but what does it truly mean to be a producer? From creative to line and scripted to non-scripted, a universal answer has yet to exist. Every production is different, but how can one translate the skills they’ve acquired on one set onto the next?

Diversity of Thought

Are stories truly authentic if the creative team behind them is not thoughtfully representative of different schools of thought? Throughout this panel artists and executives will speak about the strides they have made to ensure diverse teams and storytelling. This panel will discuss the many advantages of building a veritable team that accurately depicts stories both behind the camera and in front of it.

New Media - More Content, More Options, More Audience

Media companies are exploring how to extend their content through all lines of business, including social, gamification and new digital channels. This panel will discuss new approaches to storytelling and the channels that are best helping companies reach more audiences in this new reality.