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Jun 08 - Jun 08, 2022

Bloomberg Technology Summit: Looking Forward 2022


San Francisco, CA
Free Event 
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Bloomberg Technology Summit: Looking Forward 2022

Digital transformation has touched every sphere of life. We are all immersed in a world of data. This data facilitates our healthcare, business and government activities, commerce and entertainment. The Bloomberg Technology Summit: Looking Forward highlights the ways in which society has been changed by digital disruption and provides the roadmap for what lies ahead. The biggest stories of the day – cryptocurrency, the Metaverse, supply chain management and cybersecurity – are all covered at this comprehensive and timely event. We will also learn about new developments in biotechnology, space travel, gaming, and work from home solutions. Through all of these conversations, we explore the new possibilities engendered by technology and the shape, look and feel of the future. We also touch upon the possible downside of unfettered growth of technology such as the increased vulnerability to cyberattacks, the degradation of privacy, and the inherent presence of biases that negatively impact marginalized groups in society. Digital disruption is requiring new approaches to business operations, work life, entertainment, social governance and national security. Responsible use of technological advancements requires social safeguards and a knowledgeable user base. Nonetheless, the forward march of progress is exciting and the benefits undeniable.