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Apr 07 - Apr 07, 2022

How Microsoft and NewtonX Source Critical Business Insights


How Microsoft and NewtonX Source Critical Business Insights

Building Strategic Research Partnerships: How Microsoft and NewtonX Source Critical Business Insights

Deep into the experience economy, enterprise leaders face critical pressure to choose from over 44,000 providers in order to source the right insights that will enable them to delight their customers and lead their organizations forward. In fact, in attempts to uncover accurate competitive positioning, product-market fit, and customer feedback insights, enterprises spend $73 billion a year on market research. But, the truth is, sourcing quality insights is no easy feat. The missing link for many companies — finding the right strategic research partner and co-creating a strategic research approach that’s custom-built for complex, evolving needs. Join Leon Mishkis, COO at NewtonX, Tracy Wang, Senior Research Program Manager, and Zoe Dowling, Principal Researcher at Microsoft, to discover key insights about how they’ve successfully developed flexible research roadmaps through trust and knowledge exchange, empowered by true strategic partnership. 3 Essential Keys To Building Your Insights Strategy: 1) Building Strategic Partnerships: Gain valuable perspective from both research partners and brands that will empower you to develop powerful strategic partnerships for better business results 2) Developing A Research Roadmap: Discover the essential steps to co-create a flexible plan, gain high-quality insights, and make data-driven business decisions with the utmost confidence 3) Sourcing Your Niche Insights: Define niche audiences and feasibilities for evolving business challenges