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Mar 07 - Mar 10, 2022

TV & Video Insider Summit


Austin, TX
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CTV , TV / Streaming , Media Planning , Attribution
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TV & Video Insider Summit

The High Cost of TV: The New Math of Video Everywhere Video audiences keep fragmenting, yet CPMs keep rising. Traditional TV pricing continues to defy supply and demand... and gravity. Meanwhile, the alternative streaming inventory has spiked, but so have costs. Media buyers find that assembling the reach they crave is both complex and often cost prohibitive. At the Fall 2021 TV and Video Insider Summit, video buyers and planners help us do the math. How are they building media plans that make sense for their brands…and their budgets? What is the cost/benefit of big brand pushes? Which OTT, linear, Web, or social video channels are mapping best against marketing goals? Are more brands moving towards performance media as reach gets so expensive? How are these rising costs being justified internally? We will explore: - Managing video budgets across advanced TV screens - The strategic advantages of bringing media buying in house - OTT and the branded video opportunity - Mapping advanced TV channels against goals - Navigating the morass of cross-channel measurement - Are TikTok, eSports advertising paying off? - Getting ready for the 2022 Upfronts