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Feb 07 - Feb 09, 2022

Marketing Outlook Forum 2022


Washington, DC
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Insights Development , Travel , Research , Analytics / Data
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Marketing Outlook Forum
Marketing Outlook Forum 2022

Travel Research and Forecasts + Marketing Insights Marketers, Researchers, Executives: Welcome. Be Prepared For the Future - Opportunity to equip senior management responsible for strategy and marketing with data, insights, and tools that inform and drive smart marketing and business decisions and current marketing and long-term strategic planning. - Opportunity for marketers and researchers to share the same platforms for discussion/learning/strategy development and decisions, and share Insights and Findings - Opportunity for consultants/vendors to promote products and services and engage directly with end-users in support of marketing goals and strategies - Learn About the Latest Trends. Opportunity for academics to keep current with travel and tourism trends, and interact with travel and tourism executives.