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Feb 01 - Feb 02, 2022

4A's Decisions 2022


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Insights Development , Analytics / Data
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4A's Decisions 2022

The Rise of Content-Driven Commerce Content is outpacing commerce in importance to brands. More specifically the voices of consumers are demanding that brands represent more than just their products and services. Consumers want to support brands that support their causes and that align with their core values and beliefs. What is behind the brand is just as important as the products and services that they offer and brands that try to fake it will fail. The Pressure to Change is very real. Decisions 2022 will explore the various forces at play that are now forcing businesses to diversify into both content and commerce, and do it well enough to survive and grow. Join us to discuss how content and commerce are being redefined to strengthen brands while also amplifying the voice of the consumer. And how your peers at agencies and technology and data companies are supporting advertisers through times of dynamic transitions.