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Feb 01 - Feb 02, 2022

Forecast 2022


New York, NY
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Forecast 2022

Channel Check: Digital Planning Without a Map Good riddance, 2020. The year that fogged every media planner's horizon last year leads into a nominally clearer view of recovery in 2021. Consumer confidence, brick and mortar, GDP, consumer journeys; all will rebound...but when, where and in what different form after 2020? In order to grasp the impact of a pandemic year across digital media, MediaPost has recast its annual Forecast event to drill deeper into each of the major channels we cover. Across two days we consult our best sources from CTV to performance media, social to programmatic, account management to OOH; to share how they are redrawing the map to guide them through 2021. We will bring big questions to each of the major digital media channels: How has the streaming boom, both paid and ad-supported, reshuffled the video media deck? How will the reboot of live retail reconfigure search and performance strategies and markets...yet again? As brands leveraged new and emerging social channels in different ways last year, are they rethinking the paid, organic, influencer mix? As public spaces refill unevenly, where should planners of traditional and digital OOH be looking for impressions? How will both public policy changes and increased black box automation of the major platforms impacting programmatic media? And as the agency model itself goes up for review, how are both major and indie shops managing their accounts and clients? Media forecasting got a lot more complicated for 2021. This year, MediaPost digs in deeper and reaches wider to offer the most detailed Forecast for 2021 media.