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Jan 27 - Jan 27, 2022

Data & Direct Marketing


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Digital , B2B , Analytics / Data
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Data & Direct Marketing

It's a new year to reach your EOY goals. To do that, you need to start now to target consumers on a deeper level. You need to specifically reach those who will help you drive revenue, optimize ad spend, and meet your KPIs. Multicultural understanding is critical to that outreach. Flat demographics won’t get you there. You need to break through the clutter and connect with consumers on a deeper level using the values, motivations, and drivers that vary from individual to individual. In this data-driven session, you’ll learn: - Why splitting segments on ethnicity alone is not good enough when you’re speaking to multicultural audiences. - How consumer sentiment is continuing to evolve, particularly around customer comfort levels and preferences, and how that impacts these groups. - How values light a fire under your creative that can’t be replicated with flat demographics –– and how that builds connection, increases loyalty, and drives revenue.