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Jan 20 - Jan 20, 2022

Marketing: Politics


Washington, DC
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Brand Marketing , Media Marketing
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Marketing: Politics

As the 2022 mid-terms loom, political marketers face some of the same moving targets as consumer brands in a post-pandemic environment. Media habits have shifted and fragmented wildly. Customer/voter journeys are highly personal and as entwined in news, social and influencer networks as they are engaged with formal messaging. The retail opportunities (a.k.a. voting) is now stretched across in person and remote and far outside traditional windows. An omnichannel approach seems to be the only hope of staying top of mind. But where will the money and the messaging head before November? This edition of MediaPost's Marketing Politics breaks down the dizzying challenge to map the new voter journey into its basic marketing components. How do you control the narrative, engage your constituencies against the competition, drive them to action? We will Explore: - The marketing lessons of the 2021 Virginia and NJ races - TV/Video media planning in a streaming environment - Omnichannel GOTV approaches How operatives from both parties are planning for the key battleground contest: controlling the House For nearly a decade every January, MediaPost's Marketing Politics sidesteps the horserace betting and partisanship to surface the inside game of where and why the marketing and media tacticians behind the campaigns will be placing bets.